1. ADMK Jewelry is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information and the personal information of your customers. By using the Service, you acknowledge and agree that ADMK Jewelry collection, usage and disclosure of this personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy.

  2. To the extent that ADMK Jewelry processes personal information of your customers as a “data processor” or “service provider” under certain data privacy or protection laws, including the EU or UK General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act, Shopify’s collection and use of personal information is also subject to our Data Processing Addendum.

  3. The Services allow you to send certain communications to your customers by short message service (SMS) messaging (for example, sending order confirmation notifications via SMS) (the "SMS Services"). You will only use the SMS Services in compliance with these Terms of Service, any other applicable terms (including Nexmo Inc.'s Acceptable Use Policy and Twilio’s Acceptable Use Policy, as may be amended from time to time), and the laws of the jurisdiction from which you send messages, and in which your messages are received.